NSA Manufacturing


ST. JOHNSBURY, VT – NSA Industries LLC, who specializes in advanced metal fabrication and machining, faced logistical challenges due to space requirements and an expiring property lease. After an initial search for a new home, NSA quickly realized the significant challenge they faced. Local facilities either did not fit NSA’s needs logistically or exceeded their financial range. At that time NSA met with representatives from NCIC to begin the search for an effective solution.

Realizing the company’s future potential and the grim possibility of having NSA leave the region, NCIC made the decision to invest in their future. Jim Moroney, CEO said, “We were constrained for space and nearing the end of our property lease for the precision machining operations.” There was an ideal facility, one that had previously housed NSA’s metal fabrication operation, however, they were at an impasse with the owner as the selling price was much higher than the operation could support. Mr Moroney said, “We had the good fortune of bringing NCIC into the discussion to help us explore a solutions’ based approach. So after much thoughtful deliberation, perseverance and follow through from the NCIC Team, a partnership was born.”

NCIC created a unique solution that allowed the seller and buyer to achieve their desired financial objectives. “We had a facility that would accommodate NSA’s needs but it was beyond their budget. At this point we decided to partner with NSA by investing in the property to make the potential relocation become reality,” stated NCIC President Jon Freeman.

The transaction was completed and more than 100 CNC machines are now set in place and are operational. Mr Moroney stated, “The result, NSA is now the beneficiary of calling home an impressive newly renovated facility in St Johnsbury. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. It met both our operational and financial objectives which was key.”

They now have 240 highly skilled employees and are anticipating even more growth.