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NCIC secured $17.847 million in grant funds during fiscal year 2023 to support projects throughout our region.

Community Development

Bringing Together the Partners, Money, and Professional Expertise to Build Stronger Communities

Here to help secure funds.

Small nonprofits and rural towns often have to look to grant funds to support projects that create jobs, that create opportunities, and improve the quality of life for the individuals and families who live there.

Grant Writing, Project Development and Management

Grant funds require significant planning and preparation work ahead of the actual application submission. First, the idea needs to be born, the scope of work fleshed out, budgets and timelines developed, and match funds identified. From there, funding opportunities need to be identified. Once a funding source is discovered, organizational documents must be collected.

Here to guide.

NCIC has years of experience in helping communities and nonprofits plan for projects, secure the funding needed to make the projects happen, and the expertise to implement the project according to funder rules and regulations.

NCIC staff are experts in each of these areas and our expertise ensures that projects are completed successfully in the eyes of both the community and the funders. These skills are easily transferred across project focus areas such as:

  • Assisting a local food organization to purchase new freezers
  • Helping a community expand broadband service
  • Aiding an industrial park to upgrade water and sewer infrastructure
  • Assisting a nonprofit in constructing a new recreational trail
  • And more

We are committed to bringing in and partnering with other resources like professional consultants, state/federal/private grant funders, Regional Planning Commissions/Development Corporations, banks, Selectboards, and more, to achieve the success you envision for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a grant to help my business/community/nonprofit?
Maybe. There are hundreds of grant opportunities available that support various business structures and projects. Typically operational funds are not available. Funding may be available to assist you with a new project or innovative idea that you are undertaking, or to assist with the cost of professional consultants. Reach out to us and we can help determine if grant funding is available for your project.
Do you provide grant writing and project management services outside of Carroll, Coos, and Grafton Counties in NH and Caledonia, Essex and Orleans Counties in VT?

Yes! While our priority remains the six-county service area, we will provide these services statewide in NH and VT as capacity allows.

Does my business/community/nonprofit need to have cash available to support our proposed project?
In most cases, yes, you will be required to provide matching funds in support of the project. The amount of match funds required varies by program.
Is there a cost to my organization/town to work with NCIC?

Yes. After an initial no-cost consultation, the standard rate is $150 per hour. In some cases, NCIC receives grant funding that covers this cost for eligible communities or nonprofits. If this fee presents a challenge for your entity, please reach out to NCIC to talk about resources that may be available to cover NCIC’s fees.

Is NCIC subsidized by the State or Federal government?
In short, no. NCIC is a private nonprofit entity which means we are required to earn 100% of our revenues. In some cases, NCIC receives grant funding to pay our staff to deliver a specific set of services to the community.

How can I help?

Katelyn Robinson

Katelyn Robinson

Director of Economic Development

Office: (802) 748-5101 ext. 2027


Artist rendering of Weeks Medical Center

Weeks Medical Center

Reducing our carbon footprint!
NCIC assisted the hospital with grant writing and management of a $180,010 USDA Distance Learning and Tele-medicine grant and a $250,000 Northern Border Regional Commission Grant.

Aerial view of downtown Littleton, NH

Town of Littleton, New Hampshire

Creative solutions to draw people into the community!
NCIC assisted the Town in applying for and managing a $12,000 Community Development Block Grant which was used to hire a professional architectural firm to complete a programming analysis and preliminary engineering plans for the Cultural Arts Center. NCIC assisted with the grant writing and management of a $5,000 Eversource Grant, a $23,230 USDA Community Facilities Grant and a $20,000 Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund grant to support upgraded sound and lighting systems.

NCIC’s expertise and talents are critical to the success of Newport City’s transformation to an attractive and exciting outdoor destination. NCIC professionals have real experience in managing large projects and organizations so they understand multidimensional complexities, which makes working with them super easy. They are our ‘go to’ for technical assistance, grant writing, strategic thinking, and implementation as a direct result of their professionalism and reliability. I actively seek out opportunities to work with NCIC because the quality of their work is exceptional.

Newport, Vermont

As a government administrator, I often struggle to balance high demands created by limited availability of funding and resources with proactive planning and implementation measures of community and economic development, infrastructure preservation and general public services (water, waste water, roads, public safety, recreation, energy, parking, long term care, incarcerated populations, buildings and grounds etc.). NCIC has been a vital partner not only in alternative resource acquisition, but also project management. Their work helps take government projects from vision to discussion to enaction. Simply put, they help us do a lot with a little.

Former Littleton Town Manager and Grafton County Administrator