Northern Gas Transport


Lyndonville, VT – Northern Gas Transport has grown from humble beginnings farming potatoes into one of the region’s leading transporters of bulk petroleum products. The recent acquisition of five trucks to add to their fleet has enabled them to continue to meet growing demand while keeping insurance and fuel expenses down by adding modern equipment.

Northern Gas has been transporting bulk petroleum products for over 25 years and has been fortunate enough to see consistent growth through the years. With this growth have come challenges such as replacing aging equipment and economic factors such as rising insurance and fuel costs. When weighing options for solving these concerns NCIC was brought in to provide expertise.

“When we first met it was apparent the immediate need to replace several aging trucks, as well as examining some of their business practices to identify potential opportunities for improvements” stated NCIC Business Resource Manager, Dave Keenan.”

“NCIC took the time to understand the nature of our business, along with the challenges and opportunities unique to our industry,” stated Northern Gas Vice President, Susan Noyes. “In doing so, they have offered support and contacts that help us continue to grow and prosper,” said Noyes.

Ultimately, financing was provided by NCIC and a partner bank, enabling Northern Gas to acquire five updated trucks for their fleet. This resulted in insurance savings along with reduced fuel and maintenance costs. The company currently consists of 48 employees and 44 trucks, as well as nine owner/operators. The company is widely recognized for its driver training program, as well as efforts to employee returning veterans.