Wendell Rexford and Sons


With the completed purchase of Wendell Rexford and Sons (WRS), a full-service excavation company, it was time for Aaron Arsenault and his team to strengthen their business management skills. Aaron thoroughly enjoyed five plus years of employment within the company which has served northern New Hampshire for over 50 years and is honored to now own the business along with his wife Michelle.

“We recently participated in QuickBooks training sessions coordinated by NCIC and I highly recommend other businesses to do so. This has really improved our accounting by reducing the duplication of entries between job quotes, tracking job expenses, and customer billing,”
-Aaron Arsenault of Wendell Rexford and Sons

With an interest in sharpening their understanding of QuickBooks accounting software, WRS participated in the “TA Tuesdays” clinics at NCIC in Lancaster, NH. Once complete, they recognized the need for more industry specific accounting guidance. Mollie White, Business Resource Manager for NCIC recommended the Cost Sharing Program to help the business engage tailored professional services. This detailed training allowed the business to track job costs, enabling them to pull reports to bid projects in a more accurate and timely manner.

As they moved forward, other business strengthening projects included calling upon Business Coach Ann Connors who helped them to implement systems for work flow, marketing and sales.

“Aaron’s scenario is an excellent example of fully utilizing our Business Support Services, from detailed accounting needs to Business Coaching, solutions for various challenges are available,” stated NCIC Senior Project Manager Mike Welch.

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