NH Charitable Foundation Board, Chapman Development and NCIC Tours NSA Industries’ Groveton Facility

Groveton, NH

Jim Moroney, Chief Executive Officer, NSA Industries hosted the board of directors of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Bob Chapman and managers of Northern Community Investment Corporation on Wednesday, September 13, 2017.

Following an intriguing tour through the state-of-the-art operation, the group discussed the expanding employment opportunities developing in Groveton.  “It was a year ago this month that we held a job fair.  We were pleased to have 320 apply.  It gave us confidence to move ahead and the next day we began finalizing an agreement with Bob Chapman.  We began operations in January and today there are 92 working here.  Our opportunity is expanding so we are currently hiring about a dozen more.  We purchased $3 million in equipment at the start of the operations and are currently purchasing an additional $3 million to support the expanding opportunity here.  We are pleased to have expanded to Groveton,” said Moroney.

“We are the largest metal fabrication, machining, and powder coating operation of its kind in Northern New England.  Headquartered in St. Johnsbury, NSA is nationally ranked #15 by thefabricator.com, a publication of the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, Intl, and we continue to grow.  We have 3 facilities in St Johnsbury where we employ more than 220.  We are expanding there as well and are hiring as we speak.”

Bob Chapman, owner of Chapman Development explained the property transformation.  “The mills closed in 2006 and 2007.  But it is no longer a closed mill site, it is an industrial park.  We are happy to have NSA Industries here.”

Cathy Conway, Vice President of Economic Development at NCIC, discussed the development of the infrastructure.  “USDA Rural Development provided funds for the preliminary engineering of the water and sewer.  Northern Borders Regional Commission matched a Chapman Development donation to bring sewer to this facility and others.  Then the town agreed to a bond to match Economic Development Administration funds to continue the sewer and water to other locations in the industrial park.  That work is scheduled to begin next month.”

Jon Freeman, President at NCIC said, “To bring business, you kiss a lot of frogs.  But we found a prince with NSA.  92 jobs and growing!  With the industrial park looking so good and having another employer here, others are considering coming here.  Beno Lamontange of the NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs is leading the charge, its very encouraging.”

Jim Moroney said, “NCIC has been a critical partner for us.  They have helped us purchase two facilities in St Johnsbury and when we concluded we had to look elsewhere to support the growth in front of us, they did all they could to be sure we stayed in their territory.  They identified options.  Groveton stood out for us, and here we are.  It was the right move.  NCIC made this possible and NCIC is playing a critical factor in structuring a financing solution to support our growth in St Johnsbury and Groveton.”