Jed’s Maple

MARCH 2015

Located in Derby, VT, Jed’s Maple has quickly grown into one of the region’s premier maple producers. What began over fifteen years ago as a side project for Amy and Steve Wheeler, has become a successful business that boasts a wide variety of maple-related products.

After initial success, Amy and Steve elected to leave their full-time jobs and concentrate on the maple syrup business. They offer a varied line of maple-related food products including salad dressings, candy, cream, frosted nuts, condiments and more. In recent years they constructed their own commercial kitchen, office space and storage facility.

As a result of this continued growth, Jed’s Maple was in need of upgrades to its website and marketing efforts. They have worked with NCIC Senior Project Manager Mike Welch to utilize NCIC’s Business Support Services. These services offer the opportunity to share costs on approved projects.

“Being able to update labels, printed material and web photography all at once was a huge undertaking for our business. Thanks to NCIC we were able to tackle them in a timely manner and move forward with a cohesive new look for our brand,” stated Jed’s Maple Owners Amy and Steve Wheeler.

Specific projects have included videos produced by Hen House Media of South Burlington, VT for use their website, trade shows and promotional materials. Creative Labels of Winooski, VT has executed label improvements for new products and updates to popular items. Northern Dreams Photo of Derby Line, VT has taken photography for the website and other materials.

“Jed’s Maple is an outstanding example of the intention of our Business Support Services. They have been able to affordably complete vital marketing and sales projects, which are not within their personal areas of expertise,” stated NCIC Senior Project Manager Mike Welch.

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