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NCIC is unique in its expertise in developing financial solutions for manufacturing.

Jon Freeman
51 Depot Sq, Suite #2
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
802-748-5101 x2012
In addition to our loan products and the SBA 504 lending solution, NCIC offers manufacturing additional products and services, including:

Capital Equipment Line of Credit
NCIC’s Capital Equipment LoC affords manufacturers to efficiently fund capital equipment to support planned growth. It features:
  • Underwriting is done at the start
  • Self evaluating, definitive performance verification
  • Continuous availability for on time, efficient purchasing
  • Single term loan established for purchases through year
  • Can be reestablished for following years 

Structuring Savings

NCIC is a unique financial partner for manufacturers. We not only understand the challenges, but are willing to creatively establish unconventional solutions.
  • WEIDMANN Electrical Technology formed the WEIDMANN NCIC Board Company to create a $40 million equipment investment and facility expansion. Click here to learn more
  • NSA Industries formed a partnership with NCIC to leverage benefits in the purchase of an 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Click here to learn more

New Markets Tax Credits
NMTC is a place-based financing tool designed to attract business and real estate development.
NCIC serves as a working partner to organize and guide business through the NMTC process. Provided through fee for service and fee for success structures.

Solutions Partnership
NCIC offers its strengths and staff capacity through a fee for service structure.
  • Creative advisor
  • Identifying, attracting and coordinating alternative financing
  • Deal structuring
  • Communication, project and time management 
  • Problem solving