Funded: The Morrison

It just would not have been possible without NCIC.
– Roxie A. Severance, Chief Executive Officer, The Morrison

NCIC was The Morrison’s partner that stayed with them, explored financing options, made introductions, coordinated visits, evaluated the potentials and assisted management to prepare presentations for board approval. The solution was extraordinary. NCIC then continued to guide management in developing the application, overcoming obstacles and achieving financing.
A USDA Rural Development Community Facility loan provided the appropriate and attractive solution.
“NCIC was the right place to go for business assistance for The Morrison. Thanks to NCIC, Morrison was awarded $24,970,000 in USDA financing.  This will allow 83 seniors of the North Country to have new choices in senior living and 33 jobs will be created.  It just would not have been possible without NCIC.”
– Roxie A. Severance, CEO
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